Role - Senior Designer, UX
Client - Visi Magazine
Agency - Native VML
Creative Director - Adam Whitehouse


Visi is one of South Africa’s most iconic design, décor and architecture publications. Native was tasked with creating an online presence that elevated the Visi brand and would gain a loyal and active online following.

Core to the strategy was the Covet feature where the design community was invited to share their creations as well as objects they found and coveted. An iPhone app extended the experience into mobile, and users could photograph and covet objects ‘on the move’, view recent covets and manage their individual coveter network.

I was responsible for bringing the Visi Covet concept to life on web and mobile. The site featured a fluid layout showcasing a rich, endless content stream. The grid could be completely re-skinned based on the current theme of the the printed version of the magazine. The hero of each story was a gallery component where objects within images could be tagged to display detailed product information.

The industry reacted very positively and the project achieved two silver Loerie Awards and one silver Bookmark Award.

An Early Homepage Concept

An Early Homepage Concept