"Turmoil" on Sedition


Link: Sedition

Sedition is an online platform for artists to offer their works in digital limited editions and for collectors to enjoy and display on connected devices and screens.

Turmoil is an audiovisual artwork by Joëlle with soundtrack by electronic artist Killawatt. The work explores the themes of fragility and desolation and the tension between order and chaos. The digital edition is a continuation of the artist’s ongoing interest in working intuitively with computation and exploring the relationship between nature and machine through the creation of digital environments and worlds. In Turmoil a thick, vast, rolling digitally rendered landform appears to heave and mutate. The form moves powerfully and consistently, yet seems likely at any moment to combust, flatten and disperse to nothing. The accompanying soundtrack emphasizes the fragile and unsettling equilibrium between order and chaos created by the visuals. Image and sound come together to produce a work which sits at the junction of different renderings of the real, referencing both the ocean wave and the algorithm.