"J_AV1" on Sedition


Link: Sedition

Sedition is an online platform for artists to offer their works in digital limited editions and for collectors to enjoy and display on connected devices and screens. I was honoured to have my audiovisual piece titled J_AV1 launched on the Sedition curated platform.

J_AV1 is an audio reactive visualisation produced through computational experimentation using the 3D and motion graphics programme, Trapcode Form. The accompanying soundtrack, Poppin Veins, is an extract from the album Émigré by the electronic musician Killawatt. Visually, what initially appears as a simple spherical form that vibrates and rotates in unison with the sound, quickly becomes particles that impulsively break into fragments and a more contagious atom. From within, an improbable number of white coloured pellets radiate and return into this viral like particle that for the duration of the animation, cannon out into the atmosphere with greater intensity, which conversely affects the scale of this particle come planet. The audio upsurges, so the sequential vibration leads to a much more imposing and all-encompassing planetary storm until this anatomical cell fragments into oblivion. J_AV1 proves as visually hypnotic, as the sound and musical track is perversely addictive.