iOS app

October 2014 - February 2015

Role - Senior Designer
Client - Myriad
Agency - Head London
Design Director - Andy Bennett
UX Designer - Maximo Riadigos
Previous Designer - Leigh Brown

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msngr is one of the largest chat applications in Central and South America with hundreds of millions of users. When I joined the project, the Head & Myriad teams had completed the delivery of a full re-platform of the WAP application and had launched the first Android app. The iOS app was due to launch in January 2015.

The UX and general design direction of the iOS app had been defined, and it was my responsibility to continue the design rollout out, whilst adding polish and rolling out the asset delivery.

At the same time, the Android pilot for Sponsored Channels was launched. Sponsored Channels was a concept developed by Head which allowed users to easily bring content into group chat. It also created a way to monetise the app.

While working on the iOS app I carried out the Android assets delivery and provided design support on the Android app where required. I also created my first prototype with Origami and Quartz Composer which was used in early user testing sessions.

- iOS design stencil

- iOS design stencil


An early Android prototype used in testing