Mira Festival
Live Visuals, Performance

I was commissioned by Mira Festival to create a unique visual performance for Andy Stott’s first live show in Barcelona since releasing “Faith in Strangers”. The show combined rendered and generative visuals which were controlled in real time using Quartz Composer and performed with 2V-P and Lemur for iPad.

After Effects and Trapcode were used to create the video content and Quartz Composer was used for the purely generative content. Both could be manipulated "on the fly" in real time. This approach and improvisation is fun but also useful as I had no set list or any idea of what Andy was going to play as it was all unreleased / live material.

Using Lemur allowed me to design my own controller interface and customise it to my exact needs. 2V-P has proved to be my favourite performance tool, as it is super clean and minimal in design and focuses on content creation rather than typical VJ effects.

- Photos by Albert Ruso