Counterstrike AV

Counterstrike is a drum and bass music producer duo from Cape Town consisting of Justin Scholtemeyer and Eaton Crous. Also known as Animal Chin and 500 Mills, they have been active drum & bass DJs and producers since the mid-1990s. They are known for their composition of raw, high-energy sound inspired by Metal, Techno and early Techstep.

A long standing passion for visual art living alongside music eventually evolved into an AV show that would enable Eaton & Justin to play audio synced visuals during their set without the need for a VJ. Eaton and I developed & designed Counterstrike's audio visual show using Processing (myself) and 3DS Max (Eaton) which is then synced to their music productions using Serato Video. Each music track has a unique audio reactive video resulting in a fully synced audio visual show allowing for full control over both the audio and visual components when they are DJ-ing.