Ancestral Voices "Geomancy"
Live Visuals, Video


A video exploring the interpretation of patterns and randomness for the track "Geomancy" by Ancestral Voices off his album Divination, out on Horo. Visuals were originally created for a live visual performance at The White Hotel in Manchester and subsequently developed further for this video.

Sequences were rendered in After Effects with Trapcode Form & Mir. Quartz Composer was used for the pixel stretching, glitch effects (using v002 Optical Flow), displaced sphere (using iniSphere plugin), audio analysis (using Kineme Audio Tools) & particles (using _1024_ParticleWarfare). A small bit was done in Processing using Toxiclibs & Minim with some visual mixing done in 2V-P.

Captured in realtime using Syphon Recorder & edited in After Effects.